Pemming and Fastening

For sturdy and durable fasteners, there’s no better choice than P.E.M. inserts, and we’re pleased to have these inserts available for your project. 


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What is a PEM Insert

A PEM (or Penn Engineering & Manufacturing) insert is a rivet, nut, standoff, fastener, stud, panel screw, cable tie mount, or pilot pin that is inserted into a part with a punching machine, as opposed to screwed in. They are perfect for use as durable fasteners when sheet metal is too thin for screws, and can be added quickly to projects with our in-house punching machine.

What PEM Inserts Do We Have?

We have a wide variety of PEM rivets, nuts, standoffs, fasteners, studs, panel screws, cable tie mounts, and pilot pins in stock. If the necessary insert for your project isn’t currently in stock, let us know, and we can have it in store in a day or two.

Quick Tip

Remember, if you have aluminum to be anodized, it can only be anodized with aluminum inserts in it! If the inserts are stainless steel, they have to be added afterwards, otherwise they will turn black and contaminate the anodizing tank.