About Us

Learn about who we are, what we’re trying to accomplish, and how we can help you.

Who We Are

Full Service Metal Fabrication Facility in Chilliwack, British Columbia

R.I.C. MetalWerx offers a full suite of services in metal processing, producing high quality metal products in our spotless and modern facility.  Our team designs, cuts and fabricates high quality custom metal products, and we provide fabricating services that use specialized tools for laser cutting, machining, welding, bending, punching and forming metals. We specialize in the fabrication of precision steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass products..


Our Mission

We offer full service metal fabrication services where we strive to be an extended part of your organizational success.

Our vision

Repeatable: provide products in a consistent and repeatable manner.

Integral: provide service like we're an extension of your company.

Customer-Centric: provide expertise that helps maximize value.

Our Values

Focus on customers needs.

Conduct business with fairness and integrity.

Maintain safe operations.

Delivering Quality, Every Time

R.I.C. MetalWerx has developed a highly skilled management and production team that has given the company a distinct reputation for consistently exceeding expectations for product quality, service and customer relations.

We have customers across Western Canada – and we’re known for quick turnaround times for quotes and jobs.

Our manufacturing facility is located in beautiful Chilliwack, BC, giving us efficient access to British Columbia as well as Alberta, and the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

We are CWB certified and ISO 9001:2015 registered. Contact us for more information, for advice, or for a quote on an upcoming project – we would be happy to help. Trust R.I.C. MetalWerx as your supply chain partner!

why choose us

We Tackle Critical Challenging, Mission Critical Projects with Precision.

ISO and CWB Certified

We're ISO 9001:2015 and CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) certified.

professional team

We have a professional team of designers and trades people to help meet your stringent requirements.

Safety is top priority

We prioritize safety ensuring that our team delivers products in a safe and efficient manner.

Designed for Success

We leverage our expertise to ensure your product meet the most stringent tolerances.

Our Story

Through our extensive experience with sheet-metal product suppliers, the Directors of R.I.C. MetalWerx found difficulties in dealing with variable and unpredictable lead times when ordering metal parts from suppliers. We had dreamed about eliminating these problems for almost a decade via a rapid delivery system without backlogs, not only for our own business, but for any customer.

In the fall of 2018, the perfect circumstances aligned to purchase a fiber laser cutter, press brake bender, and facilities with four cranes and the exact factory footprint they needed, and R.I.C. MetalWerx was born.

Our company culture is born from this spirit of finding solutions, and filling customer needs. Today, we are dedicated to recognizing, respecting and supporting the unique characteristics and experiences that have shaped the lives of our owners and employees.

Ideally situated in the eastern Fraser Valley, R.I.C. MetalWerx is a company of people with the experience and craftsmanship required to meet the challenges of our discerning customers throughout British Columbia.

Our initials stand for Repeatable, Integral and Customer-centric. With this in mind, we strive to be the most trusted name in the design, cutting, forming and fabrication of custom metal products in BC.


Our facility is equipped with the latest CNC equipment to facilitate high volume production-run manufacturing. Manufacturing processes include Trumpf laser cutting, press brake forming, pemming and CWB certified welding. Our engineering department is equipped with dxf and SolidWorks software, and custom design services are available. We are able to download and accept many file types, such as DXF & STP. R.I.C. MetalWerx is ISO 9001:2015 certified to ensure consistent high quality for all parts and components. We are also certified under CWB – The Canadian Welding Bureau.